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Our team are constantly searching for the best solution in amongst a collection of options for the care and maintenance of your cedar weatherboards, cedar shingles, timber cladding or any exterior timber you have chosen for your home. We have worked with a number of cedar coatings and can recommend the best option for you once we have established your expectation around look, colour tones, maintenance expectations and price range. We are Auckland’s Cedar experts and can provide the best unbiased advice when it comes to the preservation of your timber.



Cedar weatherboards coated with Resene Woodsman – Pitch Black

Cedar weatherboards prior to washing
Cedar weatherboards coated with Drydens Woodoil- Midnight

Our team performed an amazing transformation on this clients cedar weatherboard home. The cedar was dry and had started to cup and warp. We washed the property with a surfactant and low pressure wash removing years of mould, dirt and debris and prepared the cedar for coating. We then coated the cedar weatherboards with two coats of Drydens penetrating wood oil. The client chose the colour tone Midnight . Whilst woodoil is a one coat system, we felt that the boards were exceptionally dry and that two coats would be beneficial. Amazing result for both the clients and rhe cedar!

This modern Waimauku property had been well maintained, however the oil had migrated well into the cedar weatherboards and the colour tone on top had oxidised meaning it was ready for a recoat. Our before and after photos show the cedar weatherboards throughout the stages of our washing and recoating process. New Zealand UV is harsh and providing ongoing protection for your cedar weatherboards, cedar shingles, in fact any exterior timber, is our specialty.

Wow! The cedar weatherboard home featured earlier in our blogs has now been completely made over and the client is amazed! Not only has the house sold but it achieved a price higher than the client was anticipating. The cedar maintenance work we completed, satisfied prospective buyers that the cedar was well protected and ready to go for the future. Cedar oiling with Wood X Goldrush achieved a great, natural finish and fully displayed the cedar weatherboards in their natural state. 

Cedar shingles are often overlooked as far as maintenance goes. Our North Shore client had left his cedar shingle roof untreated for nearly 15 years. Our team were not only able to clean it and return it to it’s natural state, but we were able to coat it with Drydens wood oil to ensure it flattened the cupping and warping, and allowed a more uniform look to return to the roof. Our client chose a tinted oil (Sherwood) to brighten the house and rejuvenate the roof. The cedar shingles are now protected and sealed, ready for the summer ahead.

Our cedar decks, stairs and outdoor surfaces are often the areas we spend most of our time on, and accordingly Cedar Solutions ensure our services encompass these also. They are high traffic areas and often not protected from the harsh UV. Our team have expert knowledge in how to treat, coat and maintain your cedar decking and other timber features. Regular cedar maintenance will not only ensure they look good all year round, but will help with longevity of the timber so that there will never be a need to replace them. We also have experience selecting a coating system that will not only be practical for the space, but can colour match your cladding or surrounding features. 

This stunning Kumeu property absorbed this fresh coat of Drydens wood oil like a sponge. This is what our clients had to say”This was a long awaited maintenance project that kept getting shuffled to the bottom of the list. Through a friend, Cedar Solutions were recommended as being very professional and cost conscious. The project is now complete and we are very appreciative to Rolf and his team, they worked tirelessly to transform our home. We wish Rolf and his team the very best for 2020 and beyond. Peter and Shirley “

Garage doors are often a large part of the entry and first visual point to your property. It is well worth the investment to keep them well maintained, not just for appearances, but for the longevity of the doors. These cedar garage doors received a makeover which involved the removal of old varnish and the reapplication of a penetrating oil. Our team protected all of the surrounding shrubbery too!

So often we find that our clients are persuaded to replace their existing cedar weatherboards due to cupping, warping and splitting. The restoration process we use can often save and restore the cedar and certainly prove more cost effective. Over time cedar is often depleted of natural oils and following the application of a penetrating wood oil, it flattens the timber. The oil provides a barrier to the UV elements that age and deplete the cedar of it’s natural oils and extends the protection and life of the boards.

This modern Muriwai beauty was ready for re coating as the initial stain coating had broken down and was failing in some exposed areas. Our team washed the cedar cladding and then applied two coats of Resene Woodsman stain in the Cool colours range – Pitch Black being the colour of choice. Stunning result with the bonus of knowing their cedar weatherboards are now protected. Restaining cedar weatherboards and maintaining timber is our area of expertise.

This cedar weatherboard homestead was in need of cedar maintenance and Cedar Solutions provided the best cedar maintenance solution. Our team washed away years of dirt, mould, debris and lichen to restore the cedar to its natural glory. In the interests of maintaining a natural cedar look, our client selected a penetrating wood oil (Wood X colour Goldrush). Our team also rejuvenated the cedar joinery to complete the full makeover. The whole house has also been washed… including the windows and hard to reach areas.

Super excited to show off this weeks efforts in Gulf Harbour! Often clients are unaware that their cedar weatherboards can be rejuvenated and the colour changed at the same time. We appreciate that styling changes and we like to provide a solution that realises all aspects of your personal preferences. 

A bold new look for this Whangaparaoa beauty. Our team carefully removed the old broken down stain and then applied two fresh coats of Resene Woodsman – Pitch Black. Smart, sleek result!

Our clients are often unsure of their options with regards changing the coating system they currently have on their cedar weatherboards. Every situation is unique and the reason we call ourselves “Cedar Solutions”. There are many factors to consider and alot to discuss with regards ongoing ,maintenance connected with each system. For the client above, we were able to remove all existing oil and recoat with two coats of Resene Woodsman Stain – Iroko. The result was modern, sleek and uniform. Our team are happy to discuss options for your timber recoating and any changes to coating systems and even colour tones.

Often our clients are looking for a solution that requires a little more elbow grease. This 1970’s home in Titirangi had previously been coated with an old green paint. They were looking for a natural look that complemented the vertical cedar weatherboards. Cedar Solutions were able to chemically strip the old broken down paint and then apply two coats of Drydens Wood oil, colourtone Copper. The cedar was in great condition following our prep, albeit a bit dry, so two coats was the solution for this one. 

Cedar staining at it’s best. This cedar cladding had a coating that was breaking down in a number of places and had deteriorated badly causing a non uniform appearance and patches where the cedar cladding was exposed to the elements. Our team performed a cedar wash to remove all of the broken down coating and then prepped the surface ready for cedar staining. We applied two coats of Resene Woodsman stain- colour “natural”. A fantastic choice to compliment the surrounding claddings. If you require cedar treatment, we have specialists available to provide a cedar solution.