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Cedar Solutions – keeping our clients up to date with the latest information on Cedar restoration and maintenance.

Our team are constantly searching for the best solution in amongst a collection of options for the care and maintenance of your cedar weatherboards, cedar shingles, timber cladding or any exterior timber you have chosen for your home. We have worked with a number of cedar coatings and can recommend the best option for you once we have established your expectation around look, colour tones, maintenance expectations and price range. We are Auckland’s Cedar experts and can provide the best unbiased advice when it comes to the preservation of your timber.



Cedar stained dark

Cedar weatherboards coated with Resene Woodsman – Pitch Black

Cedar weatherboards prior to washing
Cedar weatherboards following the wash process

Years of neglect left this Castor Bay home looking unattractive and older than it’s years. Fast forward a couple of hours with our experienced team and this property washed up like brand new cedar. Our clients are preparing for sale and the agents have some fabulous shots of the newly made over home, fresh and ready for the new owners. A Wood X penetrating oil was chosen in Goldrush to capture the natural tones the client wanted and provide an ongoing maintenance program that will be beneficial for the look and longevity of the cedar weatherboards.

Makeover in progress! Our team have removed all old stains, mould, dirt and debris using a chemical strip process followed by a soft wash. These Half moon Bay clients chose a Dryden’s penetrating oil to coat their freshly cleaned cedar. It can be difficult choosing a product and even harder, a colour from the range. Our technical team assist with product information pertaining to the condition of your cedar and your ongoing maintenance expectation. We work through the colour selection process by applying test patches to areas that will give the best visual presentation of what the finished product will look like. Our commitment is to make the process easy. Every transformation is different and we provide an individual solution for each and every situation.

This modern Waimauku property had been well maintained, however the oil had migrated well into the cedar weatherboards and the colour tone on top had oxidised meaning it was ready for a recoat. Our before and after photos show the cedar weatherboards throughout the stages of our washing and recoating process. New Zealand UV is harsh and providing ongoing protection for your cedar weatherboards, cedar shingles, in fact any exterior timber, is our specialty.

Wow! The cedar weatherboard home featured earlier in our blogs has now been completely made over and the client is amazed! Not only has the house sold but it achieved a price higher than the client was anticipating. The cedar maintenance work we completed, satisfied prospective buyers that the cedar was well protected and ready to go for the future. Cedar oiling with Wood X Goldrush achieved a great, natural finish and fully displayed the cedar weatherboards in their natural state.