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Cedar weatherboards washed and oiled with Dryden’s Wood oil – Platinum.

Cedar weatherboards washed and oiled using Dryden’s Woodoil – Slate

Cedar front door washed and oiled with Wood X Kauri Gum.

Exterior timber washed and stained with Resene Woodsman Bark.

A well needed makeover. We washed  the cedar weatherboards and the wooden joinery on this beautiful Hamilton home, taking the cedar back to its natural state and ready for coating.

Makeover complete! The cedar weatherboards and joinery were all coated with Wood X colour tinted in Goldrush. Stunning result.
This Cedar Shingle roof had been neglected for over 15 years and the cedar tiles had cupped and warped due to the natural oils being depleted over time.
Cedar shingle roof now washed of all dirt, mould and debris and ready for a coating to seal and flatten out the cedar shingles.

Cedar weatherboard maintenance is regularly undertaken by our client and we continued their maintenance plan with fresh coats of Resene Woodsman Bleached Cedar.

This client loves the natural cedar look. Their coating selection was to choose a Drydens clear wood oil. Given the absence of a colourtone, the oil will continue to penetrate the cedar weatherboards, allowing the natural UV exposure to weather the look of the cedar and silver the boards naturally.

Cedar weatherboards before and after the washing and coating process. Years of dirt, mould and debris have been removed and then duely protected with a coat of Wood X Goldrush penetrating woodoil.

Sold, sold, sold! Following our makeover, this cedar weatherboard home went to auction and sold under the hammer. A very happy client with a great sale price as a bonus. The cedar restoration performed here washed away years of grime, dirt and debris, restoring the natural timber tones. We then coated the cedar weatherboards with Wood X oil, colour tinted in Goldrush to ensure a nice natural look was maintained.

Even garage doors can weather and age. Our team performed a process on these garage doors to remove the old varnish and recoat with a penetrating oil. Our technicians take care to ensure all plants are looked after during the process, and you can see from photo 2 that we have protected the shrubbery! A stunning result that matches the meticulous nature of the property. 

Transformation excellence! This Remuera property had neglected cedar weatherboards that had cupped and warped and the coating had inconsistent tones. Our team washed the cedar using a low pressure system and took it back to it’s natural state, before ending the process with the application of a penetrating oil. It now looks like a new build!! Before and after photos showcase the gorgeous results.

This beautiful Papakura homestead was in need of some extensive cedar maintenance and the solution provided by our team made for a wonderful transformation. The first process was the removal of all existing broken down stain. The house was then fully washed and we applied a fresh coat of Wood X, colour tone Goldrush. The smart, natural looking  cedar weatherboards have returned and the cedar looks rejuvenated and pristine.

What a difference a colour change can make! These cedar weatherboards had been previously coated with a brown stain that was failing and no longer uniform in colour. Our team washed the cedar back and applied a Resene Woodsman stain, colour tone Pitch Black. A smart, modern look for our delighted clients!

Cedar weatherboards and cedar shingles, transformed with fresh coats of Resene Woodsman Pitch Black stain. Smart, bold choice of colour has modernised this cedar home and protected it for the seasons ahead. Often our clients ask “how do I go about staining my cedar black”. This is certainly achievable and our technicians are trained in providing solutions to all cedar staining requests.

Makeover in Whangaparaoa! Our team transformed this tired, weathered cedar home from the traditional brown stain to a fresh modern Resene Woodsman – Pitch Black stain. Excellent result for these cedar weatherboards and a happy client. Cedar protected and beautified for the season’s ahead.

Nestled in the bush of Browns Bay, this beautiful cedar weatherboard house was in desperate need of some TLC. Our team washed the cedar clean of all dirt, mould and debris and applied a fresh coat of Wood X Goldrush. Looks like a brand new home!

Cedar weatherboard maintenance at it’s best! This transformation was smart, clean and modern on our clients rural property. The cedar weatherboards were washed and then our team applied a Drydens penetrating wood oil, colourtone Black X. The cedar is now uniform, the doors all match and the cedar is ready for Summer.

Vertical cedar weatherboards get watermarked and silvered over time. Our maintenance processes washed this back to bare cedar and then we recoated the cedar with a fresh coat of Wood X penetrating woodoil, colourtone Kauri Gum. The cedar weatherboards look new, smart and protected.

Our clients are often unsure of their options with regards changing the coating system they currently have on their cedar weatherboards. Every situation is unique and the reason we call ourselves “Cedar Solutions”. There are many factors to consider and alot to discuss with regards ongoing ,maintenance connected with each system. For the client above, we were able to remove all existing oil and recoat with two coats of Resene Woodsman Stain – Iroko. The result was modern, sleek and uniform. Our team are happy to discuss options for your timber recoating and any changes to coating systems and even colour tones.

Cedar staining at its finest

The old stain on this Epsom home had broken down over time and was aging the property. We washed this back to a natural finish and then applied two coats of Resene Woodsman stain, Cool colour formula, colourtone Bark. We even painted the chimney to complete the fresh modern look.