Washing, prepping and stripping

The first part of the Cedar Restoration process is to prepare the cedar for coating. Generally we wash the cladding with a specialised and technical process, ensuring that the cedar weatherboards are clear of any residual broken down stains or inferior coatings. Our maintenance services extend to Cedar Shingles and other timber claddings. We use eco friendly products that will not harm the environment you live in. We are also experienced in stripping the existing coatings off should your timber require a more vigorous process.

Cedar staining

Stains are an effective way of providing a barrier to the UV and harsh New Zealand elements. The staining process involves applying two coats of a film forming product that provides a degree of oil penetration. The cedar stains are available in a number of colour tones to compliment the surrounding aspects of your home and achieve a fresh, modern look. Cedar staining and Timber staining provide a barrier to the enemies within the elements.

Cedar Oiling

When selecting a penetrating wood oil to coat your cleaned timber, this is generally a one coat system. The wood oil deeply penetrates the cedar weatherboards to replace the natural oils lost and to seal and protect them from the elements. The translucent oils, colour tinted to achieve the desired look, still allow the beautiful aesthetics of the cedar weatherboards to shine through. For cedar oiling Auckland wide, call Cedar Solutions to discuss your options. for cedar oiling.

Decking and steps

Whether you are looking simply to protect your timber decking with a low maintenance coating, or if you want to achieve a specific look to accentuate your outdoor living space, we have the solution for you.

cedar shingles Maintenance

Cedar Shingles, although commonly used for roofing, are also used for cladding. If well maintained they will not only last a lifetime but look fantastic. Cedar Shingles Restoration is important in maintaining the integrity of the product and we have specialist experience in their restoration and preservation. If your cedar shingles need restoration we can provide a solution that suits.

garage doors / front doors

Cedar Garage doors & front doors are the feature point of your home. These should be regularly coated to not only protect them but keep them looking great. We are Auckland's cedar maintenance specialists and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our clients cedar front doors and garage doors receive our expert knowledge also.


Weatherboards come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it be cedar, pine, larch or accoya, we will work with you to find the best solution to suit. Our cedar oiling and cedar staining processes can modernise older weatherboards by introducing a fresh modern colour. We can also replicate the existing look with a fresh coat of the original colour tones to maintain and protect what you have already invested in. Our cedar weatherboard maintenance is unparalleled and our Auckland wide customers enjoy the benefits of dealing with a team well versed in the products unique nature.